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Author Appearances - Colin Bird and Nick Bain

  • Flintridge Bookstore & Coffeehouse 1010 Foothill Boulevard La Cañada Flintridge (map)

Death: What Not To Say: How To Confidently Approach a Grieving Person ... and all the things not to do and say (non-fiction) & The Unicorn and the Fox (graphic novel)

About DEATH: WHAT NOT TO SAY: "No one is immune to death. And no one who reads this will be immune to the charm - and power - of Colin Bird’s wise and wildly original “how-to” for those who find themselves face-to-face with the great inevitable, DEATH: WHAT NOT TO SAY. Think Paulo Coelho, if Coelho ever had to sleep in his car, or make his living as a Nursing Home Chaplain. Colin Bird’s brand of street-level pragmatism on matters of compassion and mortality is as massively refreshing as it is on-the-ground useful for anyone trying to be there for suffering friends and loved ones. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Colin Bird is a former Nursing Home Chaplain with Christian Homes Inc., covering both the greater Illinois and Missouri area. Bird was also honored to serve as a State wide IL, pulpit supply preacher, along with time spent as a guest lecturer and speaker at Universities, churches, corporate in-home nursing seminars, teen and youth conferences and other such regional events. His focus topics have covered a wide array of issues from coping with grief and assisting others coping with grief; motivational speeches in family-focused group settings; overcoming obstacles with discipline and courage; weight loss and endurance running. Bird also instructs on the craft of public speaking. A few of his selected poems have been published nationally with as well, newspaper humor columns and generalized reporting. After graduating from The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, CA, Bird was fortunate to garner work in the heart of the studio system at Paramount Pictures. Bird is currently, alongside his strong band of talented, hardworking peers, creating projects for television and film while finding alone time to adventure and to explore. Bird is an avid runner with many more miles to go. Mostly because he is also an avid eater, which should explain the former. He resides in Hollywood, CA.

About THE UNICORN AND THE FOX ( a graphic novel):When the peaceful world of Glow is taken over by the ominous Chancellor, Buddy, a timid unicorn with a blunted horn, becomes the world's last hope.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A professional screenwriter, Nick has written more than fifteen feature length screenplays. Most recently he co-wrote Kid West, which has been nationally distributed. 

He is currently amid writing two feature films, both slated to be shot in his home state of Minnesota. His scripts have also placed in major competitions such as the Bluecat, CWA, and Austin. He has also worked as a director, producer and film historian. 

That said, he feels that The Unicorn and the Fox is the project he is most passionate about. In a flash, the story came to him. The first draft of the story was completed in two days and Nick Acuna would be the only illustrator interviewed for the project. To the author, the pace by which the story and illustrator came to him demanded that the project be produced.