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Libbe HaLevy, author of Yes, I Glow in the Dark

  • Flintridge Bookstore & Coffeehouse 1010 Foothill Boulevard La Cañada Flintridge, CA, 91011 United States (map)

One Mile from three mile island to fukushima and nuclear hotseat

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From 1950s Duck-and-Cover nuclear bomb exercises and Disney’s Our Friend, the Atom, through decades of nuclear PTSD to her current international activism, HaLevy’s book recounts her experience of Three Mile Island (TMI) and how she learned to fight back against nuclear perpetrators with facts, sarcasm…and a podcast.


bullhorn going down the street warning of the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island

A leaking, out-of-control nuclear reactor only one mile away. What would you do? What would it do to you? Libbe HaLevy was visiting friends in Pennsylvania in 1979 and suddenly found herself stranded in a house one mile from the nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island – an event which changed her lifeAs producer and host of Nuclear Hotseat – a weekly podcast/broadcast on nuclear issues “from a different perspective” that’s now in its eighth year – she has covered nuclear transgressions around the world… and in our own back yard.

In Yes, I Glow in the Dark! HaLevy – who is surprisingly funny – recreates her terrifying experience and its resulting impact, as well as explores “Nuclear Spin-Speak” – languaging tricks used by the nuclear industry to hide their transgressions against people and the environment in plain sight.  She also provides an update on San Onofre – the true scope of the August 3, 2018 near-miss of what could have been a catastrophic accident, the long-term dangers of storing highly radioactive waste on a beach, and the latest on what is known about that week’s examination of the facility by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

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HaLevy also speaks on local nuclear issues, including the 1959 Santa Susana Field Laboratory meltdown and radiation release in Simi Valley, and the radioactive radon released at Porter Ranch during the massive 2016 methane/benzene spill.  

Karl Grossman, Award-winning veteran investigative environmental journalist, says of YES, I GLOW IN THE DARK!: “Excellent!  Easy reading, breezy, personal, interesting, very well-written – and highly informative.  I find the content impeccable.” 

Dr. Helen Caldicott, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Nobel-winner Linus Pauling, says: “This book must be read by all people who care about the future of the planet and their children.”

Christina Laymen, Founder, Three Mile Island Survivors: “Thank you for putting into words that people will read and finally understand the depth of damage that has been caused to our souls. It was not only a meltdown of a nuclear power plant it also was a meltdown of human lives; they changed who we could have been and the lives we could have had.”