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Janet Aird: “Now I Remember That I Love You” (Fiction)
Arden, Lisa Lucia, “Our Need to Give to the World” (Non-Fiction) printed on our EBM self-publishing machine
Peter Bachmann: “Advancing Confidently”  (Non-Fiction)
Monty Cox: “Animals, Movies & Minds from Another Time: Behind the Scenes & Untold Stories of Film-Making with Exotic Animals” (Non-Fiction/Memoir)
June Durr: “Grandma’s Amazing Arm—The Adventures of    Malia Mouse” (Children’s/Handicapped/Disabilities)
Tony Faggioli: The Millionth Trilogy, “One in a Million,” “A Million to One,” “One Plus One”, “The Snow Globe”
Simona Grossi: “Looking for Clara” (Fiction)
Michael Higgins: ‘Exploring Wine Regions’ (Argentina) (Travel)
Nicola Italia: “The Boston Girl” (& other Romance Fiction)
KR Levin: “The Kids from Folden” (Middle Grade)
Joy Manfra: “Emily’s Braids” (Children’s Fiction)
Trevor Ramos: “How to Get Free Money for College: The Ultimate Guide to Sending Your Kids to the Best , Most Expensive Colleges in America for Pennies on the Dollar! (Non-Fiction)
Keith Richmond: “Prince of the Garden” (Poetry)
Seth Stewart: ‘The Ending I Imagined’ (Poetry)
Sharon Sullivan: “Who’s There?” (Fiction)
Gary Surdam: “Cooking with Papi” (Parenting/Cooking)
Monique Svazlian Tallon: ‘Leading Gracefully:  A Woman’s Guide to Confident, Authentic and Effective Leadership’ (Non-Fiction)
Joy Walker: “Journey to Joy-An Inspirational Memoir”
Andrea Williams: ‘Molly’s Great Motorhome Adventure’ (Children)
D.J. Williams: “Waking Lazarus” (Fiction)

Text Box: Jacqueline Abelson
Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin
Susan Berger
Chanel Brenner
Petrea Burchard
Rob Carney
Teresa Mei Chuc
Jawanza Dumisani
Faye Duncan
Dr. Young Song Kim
Laura Knight
Anna Maly
Jan Moran
Michael Mullin
Rose Nielsen
Emily Nunn
Manny  Pacheco
Diane Raptosh
Nat Read 
Bonnie Schroeder
Brian Sonia-Wallace
John Wakefield
Valerie Wicks
Marc Yablonka
Dr. Don Yeomans
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